Statistics 533 - Reliability
Spring 2016

Instructor: William Q. Meeker, 2109 Snedecor Hall, 515-294-5336; FAX: 515-294-4040
Instructor email:
Office hours: MWF 2:10-3:00 p.m. or by appointment

Lecture: TR 3:40-5:00, Room: Howe 1242
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Text (not required to purchase): Statistical Methods for Reliability Data , by W.Q. Meeker and L.A. Escobar (1998), John Wiley and Sons, Inc..
Two copies of the book will be on short-time reserve in the library.

Tentative Outline

Chapter 1: Reliability Concepts and Reliability Data (1.5 hours)
Chapter 2: Models, Censoring, and Likelihood for Time-to-Failure Data (1.5 hours)
Chapter 3: Nonparametric Estimation (4 hours)
Chapters 4: Failure-time Distributions (1 hour)
Chapter 6: Probability Plotting and Choosing a Failure-Time Distribution (3 hours)
Chapter 7: Parametric Likelihood Concepts: Exponential Distribution (2 hours)
Chapter 8: Maximum Likelihood: Log-location-Scale Based Distributions (3 hours)
Chapter 9: Simulation-based (Bootstrap) Methods for Obtaining Confidence Intervals (1.5 hours)
Chapter 10: Planning Studies to Obtain Reliability Data (1.5 hours)
Chapter 11: Other Parametric Models (1 hour)
Chapter 15: System Reliability Concepts; Data with Multiple Failure Modes (3 hours)
Chapter 17: Failure-Time Regression Analysis (3 hours)
Chapter 18: Accelerated Test Models (1 hour)
Chapter 19: Analyzing Accelerated Life Test Data (3 hours)
Chapter 14: Bayesian Methods for Analyzing Reliability Data (2 hours)
Chapter 16: Analysis of Repairable System and other Recurrence Data (2 hours)
Chapters 13 ans 21: Basic concepts of degradation analysis (2 hours)

Prerequisite: Statistics 231, 401 or 500 (basic concepts of statistical methods) and Statistics 342 or 432 or 447 (calculus-based elementary theory of probability and statistics).

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Students with disabilities
Please address any special needs or special accommodations with me at the beginning of the semester or as soon as you become aware of your needs. Those seeking accommodations based on disabilities should obtain a Student Academic Accommodation Request (SAAR) form from the Disability Resources (DR) office (515-294-6624). DR is located on the main floor of the Student Services Building, Room 1076.